Introduction to 3D Modeling

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  •    1. Creating a 3D scene from primitives
  •    2. Polygon mesh editing tools
  •    3. Polygon mesh editing extrusion
  •    4. Materials and Texturing
  •    5. Basic Texturing
  •    6. Texturing and UV Coordinate Space
  •    7. Texturing Pipeline and Texture Painting
  •    8. Overview of cameras and optics
  •    9. Cameras in 3D
  •    10. Lighting in 3D
  •    11. Animating a vehicle
  •    12. Rendering
  •    13. History of 3D Computer Graphics
  •    14. Basic character setup
  •    15. Advanced character setup concepts
  •    16. Animating a simple character
  •    17. Refining the performance
  •    18. The Final Project
  •    19. Posing a character
  •    20. Animating a character
  •    21. Advanced Rendering topics
  •    22. Dynamics and Particles


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