Photo Editing with Adobe Photoshop

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  •    1. Welcome to the Course
  •    2. Getting Started
  •    3. How Photoshop Layers Work
  •    4. Combining Multiple Images
  •    5. Tone Adjustment with Levels
  •    6. Colour Adjustment
  •    7. Hue Adjustments
  •    8. How to Work With Type
  •    9. Warped Type and Type on a Path
  •    10. Layer Styles and Effects
  •    11. How to Crop
  •    12. Resizing and Resolution
  •    13. Rectangle and Elliptical Marquee Tool
  •    14. Clipping Masks
  •    15. Quick Selection Tool
  •    16. Layer Masks
  •    17. Select and Mask
  •    18. Understanding Photoshop Smart Objects
  •    19. Transforming and Warping Layers
  •    20. Retouching With the Photoshop Healing Brush
  •    21. Content Aware Scale
  •    22. Exporting Images


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